Clive Staples Lewis was a celebrated Anglo-Irish novelist, academic, medievalist, literary critic, lay theologian and Christian apologist whose impact and influence lives on.

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Inklings Resources

Check these links dedicated to selected Inklings and writers whom they all enjoyed and/or by whom they were influenced. My essay, “Who Were the Inklings?” may be a place to start.

Other Resources of Interest to Inklings Enthusiasts

    The Mythopoeic Society The Mythopoeic Society is a non-profit international literary and educational organization for the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantasy and mythic literature, especially the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams. The word “mythopoeic” means “mythmaking” or describes activity that is “productive of myth.The Christian Classics Ethereal LibraryA web site that provides an amazing number of other public domain, hypertext documents that will be of interest to those wishing to trace the influence of ancient and modern Christian authors on the Inklings, including various texts by the ancient church fathers and medieval and pre-19th-Century clerics, both Protestant and Catholic.

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