Clive Staples Lewis was a celebrated Anglo-Irish novelist, academic, medievalist, literary critic, lay theologian and Christian apologist whose impact and influence lives on.

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Always Christmas and Never Winter: Lewis in Tampa

November 12th, 2005 | Skip to comments

Here is the next Narnia on Tour stop–and my last formal Borders event of the year. The very hospitable and dynamic Tampa Covenant Church is my kind host, as they have been for the previous two years. A Wednesday church event occurred last night, “Narnia and Us: The Christian Imagination of C. S. Lewis, and the Difference It Makes”; awaiting: a Thursday Barnes and Noble event, “Aslan’s Country: A Newcomer’s Guide”; a Saturday Borders talk, “Further Up and Further In: The Spiritual World of Narnia”; and a pair of Sunday sermons at TCC.

Some odds and ends from the road:

  • By far, the question I continue to be asked the most often at each stop at one point or another is, “What order should I read the Narnian Chronicles in?” Both of my books deal with this issue to some degree, but the short answer is: the original publication order. There are too many dramatic spoilers in The Magician’s Nephew to make it suitable as the starting point for entering Narnia. We need to go through the wardrobe with Lucy first. Meeting the un-tame Lion this way makes the most literary, and, if I may say it, theological sense. Say you want to introduce someone to the person of Jesus Christ; do you give her a copy of the Gospel of John, or Genesis? Think about it.
  • There is a new Narnia blog starting here: Infuze Narnia, which will be a rich reservoir for Narnian commentary, movies, books, and impact. Check it out.
  • World Magazine has recently reviewed a handful of Narnian books; ahem, one of mine gets some “honorable mention” late in the article. Here are some other review points:
    Foreword Magazine
    A-Team review

My university, BGSU, ran this story on me and Narnia this week. Next week: Hello, Findlay! (Winebrenner Seminary-about 35 minutes from Bowling Green, OH down I-75).


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