Clive Staples Lewis was a celebrated Anglo-Irish novelist, academic, medievalist, literary critic, lay theologian and Christian apologist whose impact and influence lives on.

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C. S. Lewis and Baseball

August 9th, 2005 | Skip to comments

There are no known references to baseball in the works of C. S. Lewis, including uncollected letters to his most intimate friends and confidants. I have a joke that I have used in public lectures: ìLewis was not infallible. Proof? As far as I know, he did not care for baseball.î That would be a flaw only, of course, if he had had the chance to embrace baseball, but never did. (Tongue firmly in cheek.) The thing is, between my passion for Lewis and for baseball, there is not much difference. I am known for seminars on Lewis, and, increasingly, on baseball, so finding a connection between the two passions is a reverie of mine.

Between March and October, I am either reading box scores and reviewing wild card standings (a must if you are predestined to root for the Astros and Indians), or resuming my reading of Jack (the verb is chosen advisedly; no one ever ìstopsî reading Jack, do they?).No, Jack did not like sports per se, or games either. Too much jock culture in his boarding school days. And thus few, if any, sports metaphors in his writing. I am toying with the idea of finding baseball metaphors to substitute within some of my favorite Lewis passages, some natural ones come to mind for the Trinity (there are lots of threes in baseball), heaven (diamonds, going home) or, finding some ingenious faux baseball passages within his works like they have done for the Bible (In the big inning. . .) You get the idea. Watch this space.


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